Things You Should Know About Bible Bowl

1. Date: Saturday, November 3, 2018

2. Topic: Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Chapter Headings and Memory Work

3. Where: Weber Road Church of Christ

  • 5253 Weber Road, Corpus Christi, TX 78413
  • Phone: 361-853-7701
  • E-mail:

4. Participating Churches: Any congregation or individual may participate

5. Ages: Children from 2nd through 12th grades

6. Bible Translation: New King James Version is used

7. Cost: $8 per participant (offsets the cost of lunch, awards, etc)

  • Please register those you believe will be competing so that plans can be made
  • Fee should be sent the Monday before competition (call the church office for questions)
  • Participants may be added on the day of competition

8. Study Guide:

  • The study guide will be available to download in Word and PDF (should be available in sections, starting the end of February, 2018)
  • Materials can also be ordered by contacting the Weber Road office
  • The OFFICIAL website for Bible Bowl is found at
  • Examples of tests will be available on this website
  • All updates will be posted on THIS website

9. Competition (each age division has a different number of questions)

  • “Find the Verse” round that will be worth from 30-60 points
  • Two “General Question” multiple choice rounds the will be 50-75 points each
  • Two “Matching” rounds worth 10-40 points each
  • 2nd Graders will have a monitor read the tests to the group

10. Awards:

  • Trophies for the top 5 scores in each age division (45 total)
  • Ribbons for places 6th-13th in each age division (72 total)
  • Team Award Certificates
  • Every participant receives a participation ribbon

11. Registration: Please register using the online form

  • Send the form to the Weber Road church office by email or USPS
  • You can also text a picture of the completed form to 361-960-3428
  • Include an email and cell phone number for the person responsible at your congregation

Bandina Christian Youth Camp-

Polvado-Doubrava Session

1. Date: July 1-7, 2018

  • Campers should arrive on Sunday afternoon, July 1st, between 1:00 PM-5:00 PM.  Campers should not arrive at camp until Sunday unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian, since there will be no counselors available.
  • All Campers are to be ready to leave on Saturday, July 7th, by 8:00 AM but may not leave until cleared by the Director.

2. Theme: The Bold 12

3. Where: Bandina Christian Youth Camp, Bandera, TX

  • Phone: 830-796-4113 (Emergencies ONLY)
  • See the applications for the camp address.

4. Who Can Attend:  Camp Bandina is affiliated with the Churches of Christ, but membership in the Church of Christ is not required to attend.  We welcome all people willing to keep the rules and capable of caring for themselves under the supervision of an adult. 

5. Ages: Campers may be no younger than 9 years old before arriving at camp and may attend through the first summer following their completion of high school.

6. What to Do Before Camp: Complete an application and a medical information form and submit these documents, along with the camp fee of $200 per camper (early registration discounted rate of $185 before June 10th) to the address shown below.  In lieu of the entire fee, campers may submit a $100 deposit with their camp application, but to secure a reservation, the remaining camp fee ($85) must be received in the registration office by June 10, 2018. 

  • Please indicate their preferred t-shirt size on the application form.  The camp fee includes 1 t-shirt. Additional t-shirts may be purchased for $10 each. Payment for t-shirts are due by June 10, 2018. T-shirt availability after this date will be on a first-come, first-served basis from sizes available.
  • Make sure the camper is up to date on tetanus and other standard vaccines.
  • Review the “Bandina Christian Youth Camp, Inc. – Rules and Requirements for Campers (attached to application)

7. Submitting Applications: Pre-registration is required and should be submitted no later than June 10th

  • We encourage the use of electronic mail for the delivery of applications & medical information forms to or USPS to:
    • Bandina Christian Youth Camp-Polvado-Doubrava Session
      c/o Weber Road Church of Christ
      5253 Weber Road, Corpus Christi, TX
  • For more information:  361-853-7701
  • The only form of payment we are able to accept is a personal check or cashier’s check.
  • We will need all application documents with an original signature prior to the start of the camp session even if you send an electronic version.

Coming Soon!

Dates Coming Soon!

Contact Charlene Hooten to schedule your appointment.

Members will receive a free 8X10 photo and one picture directory per family that is photographed.

Appointment Dates:

Wednesday, March 28th: 12-6 PM

Thursday, March 29th: 2-9 PM

Friday, March 30th: 2-9 PM

Saturday, March 31st: 10 AM-5 PM – NO APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE, FULL


Monday, April 2nd: 2-9 PM

Tuesday, April 3rd: 2-9 PM

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