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at Weber Road Church of Christ


Strengthening the Family Sermon Series

Sundays at 10:00 AM April-May 2018


2018 Summer Series

“Difficult Sayings of Jesus” Wednesdays at 7:00 PM June 6-August 29


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9:00 am

Sunday Bible Class

Each Sunday morning we come together to study God’s word. These classes help strengthen and encourage one another. We meet in small groups for an effective study.

10:00 am

Sunday Morning Worship

After Sunday morning Bible Class we gather together to praise God with songs, participate in communion, talk to God in prayer, and hear a message from the Bible.

6:00 pm

Sunday Evening Services

We have different types of Bible classes each Sunday night. During these classes, we also have Bible Hour for the children. Come by and worship with us on Sunday Nights!

7:00 pm

Wednesday Bible Class

Every Wednesday night we gather at the church building for continual growth and study. We have classes for every age group. Come join us this week!

Weber Road

Church of Christ

5253 Weber Road
Corpus Christi, TX 78411

Phone: (361) 853-7701

Youth Ministry

We have youth group activities for our 6-12 grade students coordinated by Stephen Charlebois. They have activities weekly that help them grow closer to each other and God.

Families For Christ

Families For Christ is Weber Road’s ministry for encouraging families to be centered around God. We have activities throughout the year in which we invite all our families to participate.

College Ministry

Our College Ministry is growing alongside the colleges in Corpus Christi (Del Mar and Texas A&M). We have gained many students who enjoy Bible classes and activities throughout the year.

Young Adult

We have a growing Young Adult program at Weber Road. Our Young Adults enjoy a Bible class on Sunday morning, Wednesday evening, and also have regular activities throughout the year.


The Classics are a group of church members involved in doing fun activities together. These activities involve going to the museum, going out to have lunch, going to ball games, and more.

Bible Hour

Bible Hour is a time on Sunday evenings when children come together to sing, pray, and engage in a puppet-themed Bible message. This class helps children learn the Bible in a way they understand.

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