At Weber Road Church of Christ, we realize the importance of bringing everyone closer to God. Therefore, we are intentional about reaching out to each generation individually and collectively. We have established 6 separate ministries that reach out to each age group. These ministries encourage love and support as the body of Christ. No matter your age, we have a place for you here at Weber Road Church of Christ. Please accept our invitation to worship with us. We look forward to meeting you! Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the church, our programs, and our beliefs. We are always willing to speak to you about personal or spiritual issues in your life. Our desire is for all to obey the gospel of Christ!

Children (Bible Hour)

Children are a BIG part of our church family! We offer exciting Bible classes, Vacation Bible School, area-wide Bible competitions, monthly movies nights, Family Nights Out, an attended nursery, and other activities. Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM we offer Bible Hour for our kids 10 and under, for Bible lessons songs, puppets, and Memory work!

Youth Ministry

We have youth group activities for our 6-12 grade students coordinated by Stephen Charlebois. They have activities weekly that help them grow closer to each other and God. The activities include:

  • Teen Devotionals – Sing, Eat, Have Fun!
  • Lead Worship Services – Every 5th Sunday, as a training exercise, our young men lead our evening services
  • Lead Worship Services – Every 2 months, our young men lead the Sunday morning services at North West Church of Christ
  • Summer Youth Series – Our teens go to area churches to be led in worship by their peers and enjoy each others company
  • Youth Rally – Once a year, our teens rally with area churches to worship God with their peers and enjoy each others company
  • Bible Bowl Studies – Every Sunday and some Fridays from August-November, our teens take time to study God’s word
  • Bible Bowl – Annual competition on the 1st Saturday of November at Weber Road
  • Camp Bandina – July 1-7  
  • Holiday Party – Each December
  • Other activities are planned during the year! Check our announcements for more info!

Our teens sit in the very front of the auditorium every Sunday, and our young men are very helpful during service. They help serve communion, read scriptures, even run the A/V equipment! There are around 30 teens in our youth group and they love each others company!

We create bonds in our youth with both each other and God!


The College Ministry program is open to all college and college aged students who desire to know about God and His son, Jesus, and want to fellowship with others who share these desires. Our college classes are built on a foundation of studying God’s word and encouraging each other. Please take the opportunity to join us on Sunday mornings.

Families For Christ

This is Weber Road’s program for children in the 5th grade and under. We have activities throughout the year coordinated by Stephen Charlebois, in which we encourage all our families to participate. These activities include the following and more:

  • Sunday Nights– Bible Hour at 6 PM for toddlers thru 5th Grade
  • Sundays & Wednesdays– Bible Classes for all ages
  • Bible Bowl Studies– for 2nd grade up (every Sunday and some Fridays from August-November)
  • Bible Bowl (Annually on the 1st Saturday of November at Weber Road)
  • Regular Service Projects for the whole family
  • Monthly Movie Nights which are hosted by the Youth Group
  • Regular fellowship opportunities for our families to encourage each other
  • Holiday Party/Service Night (each December)
  • Summer Vacation Bible School (June)
  • Camp Bandina for ages 10 and older (1st week of July in the hill country west of SA)
  • Fun trips that sometimes include bowling, putt-putt, go carts, and more

More activities will be planned for our young children, and also be sure to check the announcements for all current activities for our kids and teens!!!

You’ll see many of our children playing in the courtyard or hallways after every service and they truly love to be together.

Young Adult

We have a growing Young Adult program at Weber Road.  Our Young Adults enjoy a Bible class on Sunday morning, Thursday evening and also have regular activities throughout the year. If you are Young Adult or know some in our area, please send them our way so that we can welcome them! This is a great place to make true friendships that will last forever.


We have an active group of members who are 55 and over, known as the “Classics.” They look for opportunities to gather and encourage one another. They are faithful Christians and enjoy life in service to God.

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